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Behind The Scenes of JIRA CLI Development

August 31, 2017 - By 

As part of our workflow, we use JIRA Cloud Software to manage our scrum development, with more than 6 months now we really like the way this product allow us to organize overall every of project management.

It has been a great experience migrating from total chaos to an agile methodology and very soon we realized the need of improvement in terms of speed, creating, transition and search issues from the JIRA website it’s time-consuming.

We did a little research about the JIRA CLI projects out there, but unfortunately, we didn’t find a good one so we decided to develop a new one using an existing Node.js JIRA wrapper as a base for our project.

We used commander.js, ES6 along with other libraries that give a better command line experience. The result was the JIRA CLI project, released under MIT license, you can see how it works here:

Feel free to contribute to this project in the Gihutb repository.

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