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Validate Envato License From Your Command Line

July 3, 2016 - By 

If you are an active Envato author or just need to provide support for old purchases this is an easy way to validate your licenses right from your terminal.

I wrote a simple Node.js CLI module to do this job quick and directly from the confort of your terminal.


All you need to do is install the package globally through npm like this:

$ npm install -g envato-license-check


To use it just run the default envato command and provide the license id you want to validate:

envato check [envato_license_id]

When running the first time (or if you didn’t create a config file), it will ask you for your Envato username and API Key and a new config file will be created in ~/.envato-cli.json with this data. You can create or modify this file manually.

Output example:

Command Line
$ envato check [license_id]
Item name: Product Name
Item id: XXXX
Created at: date
Buyer: buyer_username
License: license_type
Supported until: date

If you find a bug or want to contribute this is the Github Repository.


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